The effect of urea on plant growth

The effect of urea on plant growth


e functions and effects of zinc sulfate include the following five aspects

The effect of urea on plant growth
The role and efficacy of zinc sulfate fertilizer
magnesium hydroxide
The functions and effects of zinc sulfate include the following five aspects:

1.Zinc can promote photosynthesis of plants, because zinc is a special active ion of carbonic anhydrase in plant chloroplasts. It can catalyze the hydration of carbon dioxide during photosynthesis. Zinc is also aldolase (a component of photosynthesis). activator of key enzymes).

2.Zinc can participate in the synthesis of indole acetic acid. Once a plant is deficient in zinc, the amount of auxin synthesis in the plant will be reduced, resulting in smaller leaves, shorter internodes, slower growth and development, or even stagnation.

3.RNA polymerase is an enzyme necessary for protein synthesis, and this enzyme contains zinc. Therefore, zinc can promote the synthesis of plant proteins and at the same time maintain the integrity of the ribonucleosome structure.

4.Zinc can enhance the stress resistance of plants and improve the disease resistance of oats to loose smut, barley to firm smut, and winter rye to stalk smut.

5.Plants lacking zinc may cause a series of diseases, such as: white soybeans and peanuts, flower and bud drop; white corn seedlings, missing grains and bald spots; rice stiff seedlings, uneven heading, and low seed setting rate; wheat yellow Chlorosis, uneven flower spikes, shrunken fruits; fruit tree leaf diseases, cluster leaf diseases, deformed fruits, etc.

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magnesium hydroxide

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